07 August 2017

Moving, Thank You

Wow!  What can I say, but life can change on a whim.

The day after school ended, we saw a house come on the market that checked all the boxes for us.  We made an offer, had a buyer for our house before ours ever got listed, and are moving 40 days later.  It all happened so fast.

I spent the last few weeks in Canby, just remembering.  

I remembered when we moved to Canby with our two and four year old.  

I thought of the four houses we bought and sold in Canby and remembered the dreams we had in each of them.  I remembered our neighbors at each house.  

I thought of the schools our kids attended from their first days as kindergartners riding the school bus all the way through their last days in high school driving their own cars.  I remembered many of their teachers.

I thought of the city newspaper and remembered both kids delivering their paper routes.  

I thought of the church we attended and remembered the community we forged there.  

I thought of all the changes our little town went through as it grew and remembered what it was like when we were just a bedroom community.

I thought of old stores such as Parsons, Gary's Rexall Drugs, and Mangus Variety, no longer in business, and remembered how the library has moved twice since we came to Canby.

I thought of the ferry, the flower farmer, the Dahlia Farm, the logging road, and remembered the year I made candy at Gahler's.

I thought of the 18 trains each day that dissected our town and remembered the clicky-clack of the wheels on the track and the whistles that blew in the night.  

I thought of all the times we wished a Fred Meyer store would come to Canby.  And when it did, I remembered how our son started working for Fred Meyer at ground level and worked his way up to corporate and beyond.

I thought of the General Canby Days Parade and remembered setting chairs out curbside for our kids and grand kids because our final house was on the parade route.

I thought of the little quilt shop once located on 1st Street and remembered walking there every month in 1999 to collect my packet of Y2K charms that would later be stitched into a tumbler quilt.  I thought of all the quilts I made and remembered seriously getting into quilting when I started blogging in 2005.  I remembered all the quilt makers I met through blogging. 

I thought of how fortunate it is that the Clackamas County Fairgrounds is located in Canby and remembered taking our kids to the fair.  I also remembered the time I entered a quilt in the fair and won a second place ribbon.  We always had a free parking spot because my parents lived across from the fairgrounds. 

I thought of how much I loved living within walking distance to everything - the bank, the library, the theater, downtown shops and restaurants, two schools, and Wait Park.  I remembered taking the grandchildren to play at the playgrounds and tossing a ball for the dog in the school fields.  

I thought of the 22 years I worked for the school district and remembered all the colleagues and bosses that have come and gone over the years.  I thought of the passion I had for trying to come up with ways to do my job better and more efficiently.  I hope I left a mark.

I thought of all the trails we hiked in the last ten years and remembered the particularly breathtaking ones in the Columbia Gorge.

I thought of how I started geocaching in the last ten years, and remembered completing many Canby Chamber of Commerce geocaching challenges and Mount Hood Territory Challenges to earn their coins.  I thought of all the places geocaching has taken me and the fun I had finding those hidden caches.  I thought of the cache we hid on our property and the fun we had watching people try to find it.  I remembered getting poison oak - twice - while hunting for caches.

Canby will always feel like home.  I've spent the last 28 years there.  That's half my life.  My kids grew up there.  

I already love my new community and I'm grateful for a chance at a new beginning.  There is much to love about a fresh start.  Everything will be new.

New pathways.

This is my last post on this old blog.  I can't thank enough the two people who read my blog for being part of my journey.  It's been fun.  You are the best.  Thanks for following me.

I don't know yet if I will start a new blog.  If I do, I'll post a link next to the "Home" tab under my blog title.

Until then,

Love Holly

28 July 2017

Beacon Rock Times Three

Beacon Rock

Last year we took our first granddaughter on the Beacon Rock hike. This year our second granddaughter joined us.

Beacon Rock is one of my favorite hikes for the simple fact that it is easy and about an hour from home. 

At the top.

I think they had fun.  I know I did.

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17 July 2017

Latourell Falls

Two summers ago I visited Latourell Falls by myself.  This summer Ralph wanted to hike around it.

So we did. 😊

28 June 2017

Canby's Logging Road Trail

My home town Canby has a hiking trail.  It's a section of what used to be the Molalla Forest Road which ran from Molalla to the Willamette River in Canby.  Logging trucks would bring timber via that route to the river.  Years ago much of the trail was just gravel but today it is all asphalt and very well maintained. 

The trail dissects the city and runs through neighborhoods, past a golf course, the city public works, a school, and the last remnants of a farm that once had horses but is now becoming a new subdivision.  It's mostly a flat trail although it does pass over a highway and another road.  The trail is pretty close to 3.5 miles one way.

June 22nd, the day after school got out for the Summer, I decided I'd start walking this trail daily for exercise.  Ha!  Life got crazy and I haven't walked it since.

I found a geocache on the trail.  There are quite a few caches along the trail.  I've found most of them over the years.  Some have disappeared and new ones pop up every now and then.

I love this trail so close to home.

21 June 2017

Suttle Lake Revisited

Suttle Lake is fast becoming one of our favorite places to get away for the day. 

We can't resist the three mile hike around it and the beautiful views.

Our dream is to purchase our very own canoe and bring it to Suttle Lake for its first time on the water.

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18 June 2017

The Long Winter

Foster Reservoir in Sweet Home, Oregon

It's been six months since I added anything to this old blog.  It was a long winter with so many frustrating snow days and lots of ice and darkness and gloom and rain.  Our state broke its own record for the most rain in the month of February.  I generally don't mind rain, but after what seemed like eight months of non-stop rain and more snow than I ever care to see again in my life, even I began to grow weary of it.

But hey, it's June now and the weather app on my phone forecasts sunshine for the next ten days.  School gets out in three days.  Things are looking up!

17 December 2016

Sew Much Fun

These past few weeks, Santa's elves have been busy making little needle books.

I gave these seven away to my coworkers.

Then, because I used postal themed fabric, I decided to make one for our letter carrier.  Our dog absolutely LOVES her for her pocket full of doggie biscuits.  We think she is great too.

We usually give her cash at Christmas but this year I'm going to slip the cash in the inside front pocket...

... while the fabulous little fold-up Fiskars scissors will occupy the inside back pocket.

Who are you surprising this year?