31 July 2016

Taking Stock - July


Making: an alphabet quilt
Cooking: not much
Snacking: sweet onion Maui potato chips
Drinking: pitchers of ice tea
Reading: Pride and Prejudice
Wanting: to find a good hairdresser
Looking: around me and counting my blessings
Deciding: to stay put in this house for now 
Wishing: vacation were longer
Enjoying: "spring" cleaning my house 
Wondering: who will win the election - Trump or Hilary
Pondering: whether I should have the dog professionally groomed for a change
Listening: to the ringing in my ears and the dog's nails click on the wood floor
Considering: checking out Mount Tabor hiking trails
Buying: a ceiling fan
Watching: eleven seasons of Frasier on Netflix
Needing: to pay a visit to the dentist
Smelling: geranium scented Mrs. Meyers cleaner
Wearing: tiny silver hoop earrings
Following: a routine
Noticing: leaves beginning to fall from trees signaling Autumn will be here soon
Knowing: there are only a few more weeks before school starts
Thinking: I would like to be successful at weight loss
Admiring: successful weight loss people
Avoiding: the doctor because I haven't lost the weight yet
Bookmarking: tent trailers sites
Memorizing: Ephesians
Loving: being an introvert
Disliking: the garage band at the end of our street but thankful we are not next door neighbors
Opening: a package containing a quilting stencil
Laughing: at myself
Feeling: okay


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