24 October 2015

Wild Cat Mountain

This morning at daybreak I headed for a trail that I did not know existed if it had not been for the sport of geocaching and a certain yellow crocheted duck.

I headed for Wild Cat Mountain in the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness.  My mission was to find the second oldest active geocache in the world.

The trailhead was an hour and a half drive from my home.  The highway turned into a two lane road, then into a one lane forest service road.

I parked at a berm the forest service created when they "decommissioned" the road that goes to the GC12 cache.  The easiest way to cross over is around the left side.

Once over the berm it is a peaceful, beautiful, solitary mile trek on foot.


Unlike most hikes, this one doesn't have any "views" but does have a variety of easily navigable road surfaces to walk.

On the hike to GC12 I detoured to find this cache.  Awesome.

Follow the road

The old paved road gives way to grassy, dirt, double-track road ....

Big woodpecker holes

...to a single dirt trail the last couple hundred yards.


Pink Chanterelle

Getting close to the cache site.

And here is GC12.   The container looks like it has seen better days.  This cache was planted here in May of 2000.  It is the second oldest active cache in the world.

I just love this crazy game.  As a certain MissJenn in the logs puts it - I am still in awe of the concept of this game: "Let's leave containers out there in the woods for, like, 15 years, and see if anyone comes to find it. Yeah. Yeah. That sounds like a good idea.....".

The inside had some water in it but the contents were dry.

All the logs dating back to the day this cache was placed are in the cache.  Amazing.

Lucy's travel bug

Being the second oldest active cache in the world is awesome, but this little yellow crocheted duck is what brought me here.  My friend, Lucy, in the Netherlands, crocheted and then launched a travel bug for me (destination Canby) on September 30, 2015.  With help from a couple people, this travel bug traveled from the Netherlands to Oregon in just a little over three weeks.

Folks, that is amazing.  It's a miracle really.  Lucy and I did not expect her travel bug to ever reach me. So many get lost or stolen.  

Five days ago geocacher "DAVINKI" dropped this travel bug in GC12 and for five days I had so much anxiety that someone would retrieve it and send it to Timbuktu before I could get to it.  But as each day passed, and no one was finding the cache, my hope grew.  And today I brought the duck home.

Thank you, Lucy, for playing this crazy addictive game.   I hope at least one of my bugs will cross the pond and reach you some day.

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Lucy said...

Amazing Holly, to see the duck in your hands. It was on my dressoir for months. and now it is in Oregon. Even with help it is amazing! I'm so happy you found it. Let's see what the other duck is going to do! Thank you for your friendship. Sometimes I feel hesitate about blogging. but this experience makes me so happy. It's all about sharing....