24 June 2016

Coyote Wall

Our original plan was to hike Lava Canyon in Washington today but the weather did not cooperate. Seeing as it is a slightly treacherous trail, rain would have made it more slick so we decided to save that for another day and check out Coyote Wall instead.

From the parking area we walked an old abandoned road around the base of Coyote Wall's cliff before veering off onto the trail.  There are actually quite a few trails to choose from and we got a little confused.

We headed for the cliff's rim before circling around to do the Labyrinth Loop trail.

This is a view of the parking lot below.  As always, clicking on the picture will make it bigger.  Ours is the only car in the parking lot.  No crowds today.  We had the whole trail to ourselves.

The wind gusts were so strong it was a bit freaky looking over the edge like this.

This trail is directly across the river on the Washington side from the Mosier Twin Tunnels and Tom McCall Point.  We could see Tom McCall Point in the distance and the windows of the Twin Tunnels at various points along our trail today.

This is my favorite trail so far this year.  It may be my favorite trail ever.  There are quite a few trail options. The views of the Gorge are Gorge-ous.  The frequent wind gusts make the hike feel close to effortless. Crowds don't seem to be an issue from what I can tell.  I love it.

My fellow adventurer who likes to run the trails and scale the walls.

I will definitely return to this trail.  There's more to explore.  I only got a taste of it today.

To the fence:
3.7 mile loop
680 feet elevation gain


Donna said...

Without the river's view, I'm not so sure I'd be comfortable in this environment...seems a bit more stark to me. But that view...wow! What was Ralph looking for on the rocks? Just a way up? There's some pretty lichen on them.

{Geo}Holly said...

Just a way up :-)