28 August 2016

Tamanawas Falls

It's been a month since we hiked on Sauvie Island.  On that hike I aggravated an earlier foot injury and even after a month it is still bothering me somewhat but I was pretty sure another hike would not make it worse.

Yesterday we decided to drive highway 26 and veer off onto 35 to the east side of Mount Hood and hike the Tamanawas Falls trail.  We got an early enough start because the pullout for parking at the trailhead wasn't full yet.  We knew by the amount of cars there that only a handful of people were ahead of us on the trail.

The trail follows Cold Spring Creek much of the way.  There are many places to take off shoes and socks and wade in the creek.

It's not a difficult hike although there are boulders to step over and rockslides to cross.  Eventually we rounded a bend and caught our first glimpse of the falls.

It was just a short distance after that to the falls where we joined the small group who arrived before us. There isn't really anything but a slope of rocks and boulders from a rockslide to serve as a place to sit or stand.  The mist from the waterfall was cool and refreshing.  After sitting a while and enjoying the scenery, we retraced our steps back to the trailhead and headed home.

An easy hike, it was the perfect distance (3.8 miles round trip) and elevation gain (500 feet).  My foot handled it well.

The school year has begun.  Gone are the long lazy days of summer but in their place is the gentle rhythm of schedule and routine.  Both are good.

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Donna said...

I am feeling cooled and refreshed after reading this and gazing at each picture...I could easily get into this type of hike. Maybe one of these days!