05 November 2016

Huge News!

Once upon a time Lucy crocheted two little ducks, one yellow and one pink.  She attached travel bug dog tags to them and launched them in my direction (Oregon) from her country, the Netherlands.

You may remember that in 2015 Lucy's yellow duck travel bug made it to Oregon in just three weeks time and I drove to Wildcat Mountain to retrieve the duck from the cache.  You can read all about that here.

Yeah, well, I am SO SO SO excited to share with you that not only did her yellow duck make it to Oregon, but yesterday, a year later, the pink duck also made it.

I retrieved the pink duck!!!

the cache

In the hands of other geocachers this duck traveled around the Netherlands for a long time.  It spent some time traveling around France.  It visited Paris, Spain, Germany, Texas, Missouri, and Wisconsin, before finally making it to Oregon.

And not just anywhere in Oregon, but Portland. I didn't have to drive very far to get it.  I'm fortunate today was Saturday and I didn't have to work.  I was able to head out early to find it before someone else did.

See the pink duck in a baggy on the second floor of this "inn"?  It's a great place to take shelter on a rainy day.  I guess the duck was lounging in the dining area.  The bottom floor of the inn is the spa and has a hot tub.  I'm not sure what the top floor was for but each level was lit.

I brought the little pink duck home to join its twin.  When I hold these ducks in my hand, it's amazing to think that Lucy made these and once held them in her hands.  That yarn was twisted around her fingers as she worked it with a hook to form a couple of little ducks that would have an amazing adventure and fly all over the world and eventually arrive at their destination.  In my hands. Reunited.  They once sat on her dresser and now they sit on my shelf.  I shake my head in wonder.

Back when Lucy launched her travel bugs, I also launched a couple of travel bugs (duck calls - lol) in Lucy's direction but they have not had as much success in reaching her as her ducks have had in reaching me.  I'm not giving up hope that at least one of them will reach her some day.  I want her to experience the thrill of holding something in her hands that I picked out and launched for her and her daughter (they are a team).

Anyway, I'm so happy to be able to share this news with you.  It is truly amazing that both ducks made it without getting lost or stolen.  Sometimes the greatest thrills in life don't cost much at all. And wonderful friendships grow from playing the craziest games.


Donna said...

I would love to go with you one of these days on a quest to pick up a travel bug...especially from this lady in the Netherlands! Hoping she eventually gets to locate one of your duck calls you've sent in return. Her ducks are cute!

This cache box is very cute too...I'm wondering if that top floor is the bedroom?? Are many decorated as elaborately as this one??

Lucy said...

Dear Holly, this makes my heart sing. It's a miracle that both ducks arrived and look how cute they are sitting together. You wrote a wonderful post about them :-)

kiwikid said...

Wonderful to read both ducks arrive with you!!! Made me smile. I hope yours arrive with her before too long.